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Digital Tools To Help Your Business

The Huge Books Of Small Business Marketing Ideas 49 Unique Ideas For Marketing A Small Business On A Budget. Free Samples Provided. Click here 5 In 1 Online Marketing Toolset For The Small Business 5 Useful Tools For Small Businesses To Market, Sell, & Automate Online. Instant “scan & Pay” Qr Code Tool For Mobile more »

The Power of Online Directories

More and more small businesses today are using online directories to their benefit. If you run a small business, then odds are you spend a great deal of your time thinking about your marketing plan. Online directories can be a great addition to your current small business marketing strategy. Online directories can help your small more »

2000 Keyword Optimized Web Referral Pages Create For Your Business

What are “web referral pages? These are individual keyword optimized pages that Digital Media Direct can create for your Local Web presence. Think of it as having thousands of “scouts” out there on the Internet leading visitor’s to your main page or offers. These pages are “Panda” approved and will get indexed by Google for more »

Go Big With Mobile Apps

Does your business already have a large¬†clientele¬†list then customer retention is even more important than just driving new prospects to your business. Getting your customer’s to come back is what’s going to keep your business alive and thriving. Keeping in contact with them on a regular basis is where most businesses fail. With our customized more »

How Much Is It Costing YOU To Acquire New Customers?

What are you paying now to acquire a new client? Go ahead, take the test! 1. Determine Your Customer Acquisition Expenses Get your general ledger and classify every expense you can as a customer acquisition expense. Your yellow pages expense is primarily a customer acquisition expense. Any mass media advertising is customer acquisition. Direct mail more »

Does Every Business Need A Web Presence?

Many small businesses today are undecided whether or not they should have a website to allow customers to purchase products online or further advertise their services. After all, building a website takes both time and money and hiring someone else to do the job for you costs even more. Some business owners may even think more »

Local Search Marketing

It is no secret that Google is the biggest aggregator of information in the world. Google has created Google+ Local listings for every single business and to capitalize on that, businesses need to optimize their listing similar to a website to receive FREE traffic. It is no secret that the internet has changed everything and more »