Go Big With Mobile Apps

Does your business already have a large clientele list then customer retention is even more important than just driving new prospects to your business. Getting your customer’s to come back is what’s going to keep your business alive and thriving. Keeping in contact with them on a regular basis is where most businesses fail.

With our customized mobile apps  you won’t have that problem.

Got a slow night at the club or restaurant? simply click a button on your app and get the message out to everyone that downloaded your app for a special deal. Your message will be opened almost immediately unlike email marketing. Or better yet, have your customer’s order from your menu and pay directly from their mobile devices. You’ll get an order receipt printed out directly from your office printer for those orders.

As we mentioned earlier, customer retention is the key to your business survival. With your app you can offer “check-in” rewards for them. Whenever they visit your business they simply scan a special code that you place on your register. After a certain amount of “check-ins” they are offered a special discount coupon on their mobile device for them to redeem.

That’s just a few thing that an app can do for your business. There are even more great features and we can design specifically for you. Give us a call today for a free consultation. Call now 702-807-5480

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