Local Search Marketing

It is no secret that Google is the biggest aggregator of information in the world. Google has created Google+ Local listings for every single business and to capitalize on that, businesses need to optimize their listing similar to a website to receive FREE traffic.

It is no secret that the internet has changed everything and traditional advertising isn’t nearly as effective as it once was.

Local search marketing is about being found online for your local products or services. Consumers typically research online and still prefer to buy locally so this means that local searchers are in take action mode and ready to buy.

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Take a look for yourself. Do a Google local search for “termite inspection” our client, CrispyCrittersLasVegas.com is ranked #4 in Google! Click on the image to see results.



Here’s some interesting stats on Local Search:

  • 97% of consumers conduct research online and during that research an astonishing 73% are searching for local information. In other words, when searching for your business nearly half will follow up an online search with an offline visit or purchase.
  • While searching 52% of consumers said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business and many are looking for reviews about you using a mobile device.
  • In fact, 33% of all mobile users access local search content with the intent of finding a solution nearby and since 87% of mobile phones use GPS for proximity based results, it’s imperative your business is Localized, Optimized, and Mobilized properly for your future customers.


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