Mobile Sites

Mini-mobile web pages, may be used for incentives, promotions, offers and events. Prospects and customers are looking for instant gratification with pertinent information while on-the-go.

Mobile friendly websites, will communicate effectively with your prospects and customers, your mobile website provides a convenient link to your business. As more people use their mobile phones, a properly formatted screen enhances their experience allowing them to navigate with finger size buttons and menu bars. Conventional desktop websites are not built for mobile phones. They are difficult and cumbersome to navigate on a mobile, which detracts from a pleasant user experience. It is typically very distorted, hard to read, and requires scrolling and zooming to view.

Mobile users on the go require specific information and if that mobile user cannot access the required information quickly, they will leave your site and find a competitor’s site that is easy to use and has instant gratification.

We will consult with you on how it should look, strategize on content pertinent to your customers/clients while on a mobile device, and upload it to a hosting account optimized for every device to ensure your mobile site shows up automatically when someone is using their mobile phone.

Our team will design a mobile friendly website based off of your current brand and image and will have the look and feel of your regular website. This is not to replace your regular website, but to enhance the mobile user’s (customer/client) experience.