2000 Keyword Optimized Web Referral Pages Create For Your Business

What are “web referral pages?

webconnectThese are individual keyword optimized pages that Digital Media Direct can create for your Local Web presence. Think of it as having thousands of “scouts” out there on the Internet leading visitor’s to your main page or offers. These pages are “Panda” approved and will get indexed by Google for your pages to start ranking with our selected keywords.

Here’s an example of one of our clients called gbfencelasvegas.com. Prior to having us create these highly optimized keyword referral pages they only had about 15 indexed pages. Today they have over 4500 targeted keyword optimized referral pages and many that are ranking in not one but several positions on page one or two. Complete domination  over the competition.

Want check for yourself?

1) Do a Google search like this, site:gbfencelasvegas.com  you’ll see the results. Also take a look at how these titles and descriptions are highly targeted.

Just imagine if only 1 person went to 500 or the thousands of pages that you have. That’s 500 visits per day! Does your site have that many visitors? Go ahead  and see how many sites are indexed on your domain. Do it like this, site:yourdomain.com

Now imagine having 4000- 100,000 keyword optimized pages? We will GEO Target your pages for local business. Give us a call today for more details.


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